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On-street parking information (static and dynamic)

We provide state-of-the-art on-street parking information, in particular dynamic parking occupancy predictions and optimal parking route guidance, as well as static parking data (sign positions and parking regulations). This data can be integrated by OEMs, OEM suppliers, and other tech and navigation providers into their apps or in-car navigation systems.

Using low-cost LIDAR, data science, machine learning, and computer vision, Parkling has a multi-fold advantage (quality x cost x speed) in comparison to current industry benchmarks for generating this data.

Maps for autonomous driving

Autonomously driving vehicles need up-to-date, high resolution, machine-readable maps. They also need to know where to park when not in use.

Parkling is developing a low-cost, scalable, in-car LIDAR-based scanner technology to generate maps for autonomously driving vehicles.

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